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  1. Earlier I said that we've had something like 5.5" of rain the last week. Well the last 2 days we've had about 5.5" an HOUR
  2. I think it's been 5.5" the last week here. Florida would be a good place to vacation for a mushroom hunter
  3. That's definitely what the first mushrooms were. I'm in SW Florida also and have run across several recently with all the rain
  4. The other mushroom. It smells like a white one from the store.
  5. Thanks. If I have time today, i'll take a picture of the gills/pores of the other mushroom. I was thinking the first one might be Boletus pinicola but oliveisporus does look more like it.
  6. A couple of days ago, after a heavy rain, some strange mushrooms started growing in one specific yard in my neighborhood. Since it has been a few days, they are starting to die, but I took some pictures to try to ID them. I've never seen red mushrooms around here before. The gills are bright yellow/green and the whole cap is very thick. Some of the mushrooms caps were no wider than a quarter, and some were bigger than my hands. The stems also have the same strange yellow/green color. My camera didn't capture the color of the mushrooms too well. The redness of the caps looks brown, and the brightness of the gills/stem has been dulled. There is one picture of a different mushroom in the yard too. It is brown and has scales on it like a fish on the cap and stem, which I would also like to be ID'd Thanks!
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