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  1. Thanks Dave, really appreciate your time! Hope to be posting additional ID pictures as well. Glad I got my first one right! Jeff
  2. OK, trying to adhere to the following requirements for identification, so hope I get these pictures correct and give enough information to ID, please let me know if this method is acceptable. Thanks in advance for comments and information!! By the way I am in South MS, about 20 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico with mostly pine trees, water oaks, and live oaks in and around our yard. Thanks Again! Jeff The preferred photos of the mushroom include the cap, the gills/pores, the base of the stem, the entire mushroom in profile. One or two photos of any unusual or otherwise interesting feature may also be helpful. NO Blurry photos
  3. Hello everyone, thanks for allowing me on-board. First let me say my name is Jeff, my wife and I + 2 awesome kids are from south Mississippi, about 25 miles from the Gulf Coast living in a rural area of mostly southern pines, water oaks, and live oaks around our home. It appears that most postings are from the North East and Pacific Northwest, so thought I would bring some Southern Hospitality to the group. So what prompted me to join was our yard seems to be getting more and more overran with mushrooms...its crazy. So this year was pretty bad, and I normally just kick them over (please forgive me) because it makes my yard look like a mushroom farm. So that's what finally drove me to seek out what all these different mushrooms are. By the way, I love to cook, and also another, rather selfish, reason to see if any of these are actually edible...of course approached with utmost caution and hopefully some sound advice and/or identification from the group. I should begin posting these today some time in the ID section of the forums. Thanks in advance for your help! Jeff
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