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  1. bluisana

    Armillaria mellea?

    Hello from Raleigh NC, After our large rain fall last week we are having mushroom popping up everywhere! I have these popping up in my yard in around and on dead tree stumps (gum ball and maple) in 3 different places. I have been trying to identify them and the closest thing I am finding is Armillaria mellea. They look just like amarilla tabascens but they are lighter than any of the pictures I have seen. They always come up in bunches. When they are young they are perfectly round and almost flat or convex. Once they git a little bigger they get a slight bit darker and more convex like the second picture. When they are getting over ripe they get really convex and almost leafy. I just started the first spore print and will have results tomorrow.
  2. I inoculated 6 stumps in my backyard 3 years ago. Some Rishi, royster and shitake. Over the last few weeks they have just started to pop up.
  3. bluisana

    Hen of the woods?

    Hey Dave, These are velvety to the touch and feel like a matt of small hairs. I ruled out Trametes Hirsuta because of the color. From everything I have read they are supposed to be white or greyish. These don' t have any grey in the color (the camera I used didn't pick up their color very well).
  4. bluisana

    Hen of the woods?

    After lots of research I am fairly convinced these are turkey tail mushrooms.
  5. bluisana

    Hen of the woods?

    Yeah, I built a new stand this winter when that one started to wobble a little bit. That one has just been used a shelf to hold tools and such while forging. The never ending torential down pour is still going on here and I think my yard is going to be filled with mushrooms . The spore print for one of these seems to be white and it only really showed up around the outside edge of the mushroom. It is sort of like felt on the top of the mushroom and feels like tough leather now that is has dried for a day.
  6. Hey Everyone, I seem to have mushrooms poping up all over the place now that we have had so much rain. I am an amatuer blacksmith and one of my old anvil stands has mushrooms poping out of it everywhere! They look like hen of the woods but I am still doing some research on them and a spore print is in process.
  7. Unfortunately my spore print is a no go . I left them in a bowl with construction paper covered for a little more than a day. It looks like some magots got into the bowl or were already in the mushrooms and completely destroyed them. I will wait for another batch to pop up in the yard and try again.
  8. Thanks John, The spore print is in process.
  9. Hello all, 2 years ago I inoculated several stumps in my backyard with shitake and oyster mushrooms. After putting the plugs in I didn't pay much attention to them. Many of them have been invaded by the native NC species and I had given up on getting anything untill mowing the yard yesterday. We have had tons of rain here in the last few weeks and now I have bunches of what appear to be edible mushrooms poping up out of the old roots of the stumps right in the grass . The problem is that these don't appear to be the mushrooms that I inoculated with. I originally thought that maybe they were just an early stage oyster mushroom but after doing some research I believe that they are the ringless honey mushroom "Armillaria tabescens". I know there are a few poisoness lock-alikes so I haven't eaten any of them yet until I get feel more comfortable with the ID. What charactristics should I look for to be sure that these are edible? I know the one thing was to make sure that the gills connect to the stem and they certainly do. The tops of these are dry and not wet. They smell sweet. They are growing right out of the grass off of roots from an old sweet gum stump in raleigh nc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.