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  1. Cut the stem off and place the caps gill side down on some foil, glass or paper. Keep it out of air movement. The caps have a coating on them that may be the spore color. Whitish gray. ?? They look like Armillaria. ??
  2. Added 2 more photos from yesterday. Increased the contrast for clarity.
  3. The caps look like Tricholomopsis. ?? Spore print would be white. The spore print for Gymnopilus would be orangish to rusty brown. Here's a short article Alan Rockefeller posted on I naturalist. https://cdnsciencepub.com/doi/10.1139/cjb-2020-0006
  4. When I scraped it together the color was dark reddish which I guess makes Psathyrella a possibility. It's been mailed.
  5. Sounds great Dave. I have your address.
  6. The spore print could be called cinnamon brown which I think might bring Conocybe in to play.
  7. I have been posting on "I naturalist" and it's identity suggestion, when I work thru the posting, "sometimes" gets it right. Dave does a much better job.
  8. Yes the gills are narrowly attached. Mushroomexpert list the gills of B reticulatus as attached to narrowly attached. It is a delicate mushroom, easily damage.
  9. Looks like blewits, Clitocybe nuda / Lepista nuda. Pinkish spore print.
  10. There may be other mushrooms in Lepista that look similar.
  11. Looks like a blewit. Pinkish spore print. Clitocybe nuda or Lepista nuda.
  12. This mushroom goes thru a dramatic color change as it dries. When fresh it is looks smooth and is an even brown color but it dries with irregular white ridges maintaining a brown center. The spore print is distinctly orange. It grows in small groups or scattered singles in grass. The grass is growing on a newly reconstructed limestone roadbed. Theres a lot of debris within the roadbed. Couldn't find anything that resembles it.
  13. Looks like it. Last year was the first year I saw it.
  14. Wikipedia has had a page that shows a new sub genus and a new section Roanokenses that realigns species to a this new section. RET doesn't have it. Is this change valid?
  15. No, I'll check that out. I took the glare off the the photo which added a little more yellow to the gills. Thanks Dave.
  16. Here's a series of photos I'm identifying as C rhacodes. I'm wondering about C olivieri. I see post of it from the west coast and Europe. Does it exist here in PA? This mushroom developed green tones as the name olivieri suggest.
  17. Congratulation to Dave W on "Wasilewski's Brown Ringless Amanita" Amanita Wasilewskii. The brown Amanita I photographed has a white partial veil, yellow gills and a thick white volva that does not leave warts. The volva material can form patches on the cap but they slide off. Amanita ??
  18. Might be Berkeley's polypore.
  19. Need to see the underside, but this looks like Berkeyley's polypore.
  20. I believe that was the case. I posted on mushroom observer. Safonov proposed pseudosensibilis. Mushroom Observer: Observation 416695: Lanmaoa G. Wu et al.
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