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  1. Looks like Panus neostrigosus.
  2. https://cdnsciencepub.com/doi/10.1139/cjb-2020-0006 Alan Rockefeller posted this on Inaturalist.
  3. Hi Kevin, I think I remember you getting into milk cap identification. I didn't taste it and went back to the tree several time. It seemed like an easy ID but I'm stumped.
  4. Found this growing under an isolated oak tree. Reminds me of L. subsplinthogalus but that has spaced gills. Creamy colored milk, some dried red milk, faint pink flesh in the stem. The stem and cap with some pock marking. ??
  5. Thanks Dave! I posted another, I. unicolor on Inaturalist and it suggested Mallocybe. Nice job Dave.
  6. Marasmius rotula growing on wood or M. capillaris on leaves.
  7. Been finding this almost every time I go out, under mixed hardwood trees. Inocybe is difficult to name. ??
  8. Maybe, if there's blackening then it would be M. sumstinei.
  9. bobby b


    Looks like Panaeolus.
  10. You can touch them. Flip a flatter cap over to get a photo of the gills and their attachment. Your salad greens are fine as long as you don't have mushroom parts mixed in with them. Rinse the greens.
  11. PA State Parks. 17 PA code, 11.211 natural resources, sub section B, gathering fruits, nuts, berries, and fungi. this is permitted. PA state game lands are also legal to pick mushrooms. I think the PA state forest are and the Allegheny National Forest is legal to harvest mushrooms. I think most of the time personal use is accepted but commercial picking is restricted. ??
  12. Looks like a Psathyrella. lots of Candolleomyces candolleanus poppin now. Used to be in Psathyrella.
  13. List of Texas mushrooms with photos It is for East & Central TX but looks like a great resource. Probably wetter there. ??
  14. Amanitaceae.org list A gemmata as European. Maybe Amanita aprica which is found in the northwest NA. http://www.amanitaceae.org/?Amanita+aprica
  15. Maybe Flammulina velutipes. I usually see it growing from under the bark of dead elm trees, one time from sumac.
  16. P conchatus or maybe P neostrigosus. http://minnesotaseasons.com/Fungi/Hairy_Oyster_Mushroom.html
  17. I check out the genus. Thanks Michele. Maybe Melanoleuco brevipes, it has the stature and the cap has the shiny metallic look. ?? I check out Mushroomobserver.
  18. Blewits are supposed to be a fall mushroom. ??
  19. You can register on Inaturalist.org & then post photos. On the first page click on add observations, then click on from photos, drag and drop your photo, and in the window that has your photo click on species name and it will give the top prospects depending on how often your mushroom species has been identified. Its give suggestions with a message. A very good resource.
  20. Found this growing in wood chips. Close attached gills. Pale creamy yellow spore print. ?? Looks a little like Gymnopus/Marasmiellus luxurians. Gymnopus listed as white spore print.
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