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  1. looks like a Coprinopsis. I don't think they are a threat.
  2. Lycoperdon marginatum has spines that slough off.
  3. They look like brick caps. Hypholoma sublateritium on mushroomexpert.
  4. Thanks Dave, I see your mushroom observer post on that from 9/19/18. Much like the ones I see under oaks.
  5. I've seen this species of Cortinarius a half dozen times. They look like what Kuo calls the alboviolaceus species group. Matches up nicely with C. subpulchrifolius but also much like C. alboviolaceus. ??
  6. Maybe Xanthoconium, the pores yellow with spore production, maybe Tylopilus with pores browning with contact.
  7. Looks like an Amanita in what used to be section Lepidella, now Roanokenses. At least on Inaturalist and Wikipedia.
  8. I think that looks like M. sumstinei, whitish at first and staining blackish. I liked it when fresh and whitish.
  9. I haven't tried them, mycoquebec list it as a good edible. As Kevin said spore printing this is recommended to eliminate Cortinarius.
  10. Looks like Aureoboletus russellii. ??
  11. I use a teaspoon from the kitchen. Frequently I use the bowl to hold it and dig with the handle.
  12. I think that would be, Calvatia cyathiformis.
  13. Tylopilus. You can nibble on the raw flesh and "spit it out". If bitter tasting probably T. rubrobrunneus. Mild tasting, T. ferrugineus or T. badiceps.
  14. I think that's Leccinellum rugosiceps. Cut the flesh and pale yellow flesh stains pinkish then darkens towards blackish.
  15. Maybe Lactarius subvernalis, three variations, var. albo-ochraceus with the milk drying pink or red.
  16. Where ever I go in SW PA I see lots of small ash trees growing. Allegheny County treated ash trees in north park's Latodami nature area and they look ok. Maybe all is not lost.
  17. Destroying angels have a bag (volva) over the enlarged base. Maybe A. brunnescens var. pallida which would be a stainer or A. aestivalis, not staining.
  18. The first mushroom looks like Boletus separans.
  19. Thanks Dave, Theses were under a maple with hard needle pine nearby, loosely attached to the duff they were laying over with caps bending to near horizontal.
  20. Woodland Agaricus, no staining when rubbed or when the stem was sliced open. Pleasant smell, maybe anise? Fragile partial veil on stem and cap margin.
  21. Thanks for the clarification. I heard that name for the first time when michele used it.
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