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  1. I like hunting morels for that 4 to 5 weeks that they fruit here in Pgh PA. They dry well. I grind them up and add them to gravy. There's at least 4 species here. Honey mushrooms are good. I had shaggy manes and loved them and another time they weren't as good. I just started finding Boletus chippewaensis last year and am looking forward to finding them this summer. I don't have the nerve to try an Amanita.
  2. Yeah, not Laccaria with medium brown spore print. This has been growing for the last week or so, never looking prime.
  3. PGH PA. Lots of rain. Small, without a partial veil, the stem outer cover having the habit of splitting, growing in grass/some mulch under white pine, medium brown spore print, mild taste. Thinking A. sororia. ??
  4. Thanks Dave! Barrier island pine trees and shrubbery being the omnipresent.
  5. Found this, 7-2-21, growing in oaks on a well drained slope. I was thinking L. rufus but that is supposed to be associated with conifers. Maybe L. quietus var. incanus. ?? Spent some time reading thru the Smith & Hesler's section Russularia. I should have taste tested it.
  6. Found this growing in the sand at the North Carolina shore in early October. Faint pink staining, maybe it would intensify, the gill edges contrasting and tattered, the partial veil lined from contact with the gills, the volva covered with sand. I wasn't familiar with A. mutabilis and didn't check the odor. ??
  7. They are still growing, 12/21/21, the biggest is 3 inches accross.
  8. Thanks Dave. Wikipedia has a good article A. bisporigera. Section Phalloideae, destroying angel clade.
  9. I think the fine reticulation on the stem points to another genus.
  10. With partial veil, yellow stem base ?, wide spaced cup. Pgh PA, 7-28-21.
  11. Thanks Dave. In the future I'll make an effort to preserve Amanitas that seem odd and post them.
  12. Found in early July, Pgh PA, A. elongatior, nomen provisorum. Matches Mycoquebec second photo. Not as big as described but this was not fully matured. ?? https://mushroomobserver.org/458442
  13. Didn't save anything. I'll watch that tree next summer.
  14. Found this on 7-1-21, Single mushroom under hardwood. Section Vaginatae, I called it A. cremeosorora. ?? https://mushroomobserver.org/458416
  15. This was the first year I saw C. appalachiensis fruit in good numbers. It on the right and ? on the left. Thanks Dave.
  16. Thanks for the replies. MO has a few post that show that deep fuzzy rooting in M. overholtsii. I also saw some observations of that in eastern NA on Inaturalist.
  17. I've read any yellow makes it P. levis. ??
  18. Found this growing 8-11-21 in old growth Hemlock at Laurel Hill State Park, PA. Thinking Craterellus ignicolor. ?
  19. 12/16/21, Growing on bare dirt at the base of oaks, reddish brown cap, pale yellow gills, white spore print. Scattered groups. ?? Location, PGH PA.
  20. From November 1, no spore print, check out the root that went deep into the stump. Location, PGH PA.
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