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  1. Tried and failed to collect a sporeprint. I'm using the right method I think, clean plate with alcohol, put down specimen, cover with sterile cup/jar/etc? I dug around the root/branch and am leaning towards root again, there are others similar to this and it is dying but still has strength. The root/branch is normal peach shaded wood that is soft where the fungus grows but solid 1/4 way down either as a buried, cured branch or a damaged/dying root.
  2. OK will do. Today was rainy and humid so tomorrow I will cull a young and old specimen. Out of the names I've seen here "wood ear" seems to fit the description. Looking more closely today at the root/branch has me leaning towards it being a buried branch. It appears to have bark though I'm hesitant to go disturbing the mycelium. On another note: Thanks everyone for looking and giving your time to help. I am not versed in mycology but I am an excellent student and I will learn as much as you all are willing to teach. Born in the northeast and transplanted to the wonderful south means this outd
  3. I see some examples now and undoubtedly I was mistaken. In my rather uninformed search I looked at just the weird lack of gills and color which is now more red(when rains are recent) than dark purple as they first appeared. Dave W: I hadn't thought to dig around to see. I will check. I will say it's not recently covered, it appears like a root or a well preserved but buried fallen branch. Is there spore print method with such a strange fungi? They are continuing to grow despite being partially dried each rain break. a 3rd patch along the same root/branch line is appearing now.
  4. While they look rather flat and shapeless. They are actually conical and distinctly funneled individually and had to be split at the joints in order to clean them. Texture is smooth to leathery on top side of cap and smooth to suede on the underside.Smells very earthy.
  5. I signed up here because I found this patch of weird shrooms in my yard and always love free treats. After doing lots of checking I believe it is horn of plenty or Cantharellus cornucopoides. The patch is between a Live Oak and a dead tree I can't ID: Pics of the Patch: You can see the dead root here: More: In a plate fresh: Dried and frozen:
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