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  1. I like growing mushrooms as much as I like studying them These are Pleurotus ostreatus/ Blue Oyster. My lc/ Liquid culture is a corn water LC that I make from the leftover popcorn juice in the pressure cooker. As you can see the spawn I use for inoculation is popcorn. Fastest spawn medium I have ever used. My substrate is corn husk. Straw works great also. I just like using what I don't have to pay for. Fortunately for me,I live right smack in the middle of the country. Plenty of useful left overs to choose from. I will get into the details of How to do this Tek as I go.
  2. Found this growing on a Dogwood tree. Im in NC. Spore color was cream/Buff not white. Sorry I didn't have any black paper. Thank you. Any and all help Much appreciated.
  3. Well that's really the only thing that had me Totally confused was the size. Some have said it cant be Honey with caps that large. Thank you for clarifying.
  4. Oh OK. Pauls place,lol .If you would like I can put up a tek for growing on Popcorn. Making your own liquid cultures.
  5. Thanks Dave. I have read up on your posts. Very informative. Also read about your cooking method. I will definitely be using your method when the time comes. Have you ever seen a Honey that Big?
  6. There are plenty more. Thanx for the welcome.
  7. . These are all growing together. Kind of a real big fairy ring. The largest were almost dry they are so old. I didnt bother to check them for rings. But you can see the ring in this shot. Also how they were around the lawn.
  8. Thank you. Im familiar with the site format. Ill be able to reset it. I just forgot there was one. LOL
  9. I do believe these are Honey Mushroom. Would love another opinion. Also would love to try them. These were Huge. Also were smaller clumps. Spores look white from what was on the cap. All growing off of pin oak roots.
  10. I have yet to find those here. Looks delicious.
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