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  1. It is definitely normal for shiitake blocks to turn brown before fruiting or after the first flush. Many people will cold shock and or dunk blocks in water to initiate fruiting but this is not necessary. I am not sure if the brown coloring is due to melanin produced by the mycelium but it seems to offer the blocks a degree of protection. Anyways, looks great!
  2. Looks like elm oyster, Hypsizygus ulmaris. Here is a closely related mushroom: http://www.mushroomexpert.com/hypsizygus_tessulatus.html
  3. I have lots of supplies for mushroom cultivation. Everything one would need to start a lab and set up a fruiting chamber. Start producing your own mushrooms! Here is a list of some of the items I have left: (2) 8X4X6 Grow tent Black with reflective interior $75 ea (3) 6 in Hydrofarm Active Air In-Line fan 400 CFM $65 ea (3) 2 ft 4 bulb T5 fluorescent lights $70 ea (3) 4 in Hydrofarm Organic Air HEPA garden filter $45 ea ΒΌ HP submersible utility pump (sump pump) 1500 gallons per hour $50 (6) 36X24 Plastic shelving units 5 shelves tall $15 ea (2) 12 head pond fogger $125 (1) 9 head pond fogger $100 (1) 5 head pond fogger $75 (1) Auto humidity controller $75 (1) 4X4X6 grow tent Black with reflective interior $50 (2) 4 in Hydrofarm Active Air In-line fan 165 CFM $50 ea (1) Electric Transfer Tool Sterilizer $150 (1) 24X12 Laminar flow hood Includes box, 5.8 Micron filter $125 (1) 24X24 HEPA Filter 5.8 Micron Filter $100 Assortment of Test tubes and glass petri dishes (1) Test tube rack $10 (1) Portable A/C Unit $100 (1) Weed whip/wacker Used to chop straw $75 (2) Hydro farm dual grounded timer $10 (3) Zoo Med terrarium timer $7 (2) Active Air Duct Fan speed controller $12.5 (1) Impulse sealer 12 in $30 (1) All-american 41.5 qt electric steroclave $500 (1) ~3000 Birch spiral grooved dowels $15 (Many) Plastic Bags with filer patch 22.5 x 8.25 x 4.75 inches and 5"X4"X18" 3.0mil PP $100 (4) Small Bale wheat straw Kept indoors $10 for all or $4 ea (1) Oakton pH2 Ph meter $30 (90) 10cc syringe & 16 gauge needle $15 (1) CAP CGC-1e Complete Greenhouse Controller Temp $275 (2) 6in Active Air %W magnetic drive clip on grow fan $15 ea
  4. Here are some of the morels that the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Mycology Club has found over the past week. They have been found mainly under dead elms on south facing slope.
  5. I think this is fairly common. I have a few outdoor beds and I believe I have gotten cup fungi before I got the mushrooms I planted in the past. I am sure that the spawn from Mushroom Mountain was not the problem because everything I have used from them has been great quality. If you planted in June I think it would still be a bit early for your first harvest.
  6. Hey Brian, I am currently writing up a web page for Leotia lubrica and I was wondering if I could include your pictures on my page. Let me know what you think. Thanks Kyle
  7. Where in Wisconsin are you? And those do not appear to be jack-o'lanterns to me.
  8. Hello, I found some C. cibarius specimens today. If you still need, I could take some spore prits tonight.
  9. I do not know, but I would think that you can overharvest mushrooms. If you pick everything you see and the mushrooms do not have a chance to send out their spores, the mushrooms will be less likely to reproduce and grow no more mushrooms. I am not sure, but I think overharvesting could eventually lead to ecological problems for the fungus. Does anyone else have any input?
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has or is going to Paul Stamets Cultivation seminar or if you've heard any information about them. Thanks
  11. Mushrooms Demystified is a great book for identification, although I think some previous knowledge is helpful. The Audobon Society has a good field guide with pictures that supplements Mushrooms Demystified well. As for growing, Paul Stamets has a book called The Mushroom Cultivator and it is very thorough.
  12. Hey Trip, Where are you in Illinois that you found so many of these?
  13. I just found my first couple of these in S. Illinois yesterday! They looked great. The taste I thought was good, however the texture was someone gritty.
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew/was part of a Mycology program at any University. I am going into my last year of bachelors degree studying Plant Biology and would like to join a graduate program studying the field of mycology. Please let me know if anyone is aware of any such programs or if you have any advice. Thanks! Kyle
  15. Although this is not a field guide, I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Stamets 'Mycelium Running'. This book toughes on so many aspects of mycology and I feel it really adds a great resource to anyone interested in mushrroms. Actually, anything by Paul Stamets I have found to be very enjoyable.
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