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  1. Hello you amazing hunters, I am really enjoying this community. Thank you for the open and welcoming sharing of information. My name is Chris and I am British by nationality. Though much of my career has been spent in the Amazon. Now, I move with work again, to Thailand. I will have the fortune to afford my passion for mycology more time once I am settled there. So, I am desperate to find to learn about the fungi there. Its going to be amazing to share all my finds there with you all! Here are a few bits from the Amazon Best wishes! Chris Mycena interrupta Marasmius sp Marasmius haematocephalus
  2. Howdy Y'all, My work / life balance is about to shift and allow me to finally focus more mycology! I am an outdoors kinda guy so exploring nature and finding/observing mushrooms in nature is absolutely fascinating and makes me really happy. Now I will be moving from the UK to Thailand with work. Here in the UK I have so many amazing books and resources, but I just cant find anywhere to start for Thailand!? Can anyone help, please? Books, groups, institutes, centers, PEOPLE Many thanks!!! Chris
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