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  1. I found a few puffball mushrooms in the forest and I’m surprised at how they release fumes of brown, dust-like spores with each touch🤩
  2. I appreciate your reply. It has being very helpful. I’m doing my research and I’m definitely closer now. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain a spore print or it could be that it was white and blended with the white background as you said. Clitocybe phyllophila shares very much the same characteristics and odor indeed, except from the beige color. I also suspect Rhizocybe vermicularis, based on the other reply. Also, I’ll keep that technic in mind when examining a lactarius😁 Thank you for your reply! The species you suggest is identical to mine. The only thing it lacks, based on sources, is the fragrant odor. But I’m convinced this is it.
  3. Hey! So during a field trip in a forest here in Greece I found several small mushrooms hidden under pine needle duff and I would appreciate any assistance in identifying them, since I’m quite new to mushroom foraging. Each cap was 2-2.5cm, beige to muddy brown and distinctively damp with a rubbery texture. A set of slightly decurrent, true gills were also evident that were soft and feathery to the touch. Each stipe was about 2cm long, slightly curved and tapering towards the base, resulting in a threadlike network of mycelium. The flesh was white and moist ,but what stood out the most was the mushroom’s pronounced, fruity fragrant. I suspect Lepista or Clitocybe, even Lactarius and specifically Lepista flaccida, but I can’t find a description that accurately fits mine, so I can’t really tell and could use some help😢
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