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  1. Well I've narrowed it down to the Phellinus genus but I'm still no closer to figuring out what variety it is. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm a hippie dippie , medicine man type guy so I like to know exactly what I have for future reference and also to know if theres anything that's stands out medicinally/therapeutically. If it helps, it's has a great, unique smell. Upfront it's earthy(as expected) but it has a feint smell of vanilla and spearmint.
  2. Doesn't exactly line up with what a chaga should look like but I can't find anything else that comes close. Unlike a typical chaga it only has the rough exterior on one side and it's very hard but I found it on a tree that was cut down within the last few months so maybe it's just dried out already?! Not sure of the tree specie but I know it wasn't a birch. Found in the mtns along the north and south carolina state line
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