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  1. It smells good. I'm not sure if it's supposed to have bands further out and the edge is kind of brown. I can leave a fingerprint in the underside.
  2. I am new to this and at some gatherings I was told (for legal reasons) to never as if something is edible but rather as 'would you eat it'. I wouldn't eat that.
  3. I just cooked my first ones tonight. They leaked a LOT of water in the pan. I ended up simmering about 15 minutes to get rid of the water and brown up.
  4. I think Jack O Lanterns are orange inside the stem.
  5. I found one in my yard today! Are there ways to further identify it? Would you eat it? I remember one time I broke off a speck and put it on my tongue and it set my whole mouth on fire.
  6. The first is Lactarius or Russula or maybe Clitocybe gibba. Make a slice and see if white latex slowly oozes out. I have these in my yard and am trying to ID them now.
  7. I have lots of similar things and have been told they are LBMs. Little Brown Mushrooms. Very difficult and time consuming to identify.
  8. I am new to mushrooming and have lots of these in my yard. Mine look exactly like those and after researching I believe I have IDd them as Honey but I did a spore print which was white. Honeys have white spores. I just cooked and ate them so I'll know tomorrow They filled the pan with a tremendous amount of water so I let them simmer almost 15 minutes before they browned up. I laid them out whole like pancakes and flipped. The gills looked really cool when cooked.
  9. I don't think they grow in clusters. Are there any other hairy mushrooms? Spores are white. No smell. 2-4". May be growing from the ground not a log.
  10. I saw these but didn't disturb them. Any ideas I can pursue for the next time I see them?
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