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  1. I thank you for your feedback! so, like it or not, Thomas Robert, your mushroom treasure is not consumable. back to searching for chickens, lions, and chantrelles. thank you!!
  2. Ok, the long version. my son is obsessed with foraging. He found a chicken of the woods on property and it really turned it up the last few weeks. Over the weekend we were at the family friends permanent camp site, he found these, thinks they’re reishi’s and he should save them. I did save them, but I’m still not letting him make himself mushroom tea because I really don’t know what this is. Im in wine country, between Cleveland and Erie. Around here, there are ‘camp grounds’ where the city people spend their weekends. Truth, they’re fancy trailer parks with golf carts and lots of booze. Not not my scene, but it was a memorial service. These mushroom where NOT on wood, they were in a rediculously compacted flower bed between two sites, just sticking up out of the ground about 2.5 apart. The bed had a few scraggly hostas, and there were 3 oak trees within 6-10ft of the mushrooms. The trees looked healthy and alive, it’s possible they came from surface roots, I guess, but I couldn’t see any (I made a point to look, I was told reshis need wood), and even the hostas (which don’t die) were having a hard time. The surrounding woods are oaks, maples, and hemlocks, but a decent 30 yrds from this spot. They were stuck to the ground fairly well. Does that help? Thanks!
  3. Not sure if this is a reishi or a hemlock varnish self. Found on the ground at a campsite between oaks and hostas. Campsite is north bank of the grand river, Ashtabula county, Ohio. Forest is oaks, maples, hemlocks. White micro pores, brown spore print. Any ideas?
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