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  1. You know what, I didn’t even try to scratch them — will check back later on the growth in a few days.
  2. Thanks Dave! I think these maybe too young to properly judge. I do think they are L. camphoratus but I’m reading they are more commonly found in winter? Actually not finding a ton on info on when to harvest them, or even what season they usually pop up in. Maybe a bad research streak, weird.
  3. The color may be bad in the kitchen — caps are a nice blend of dark rusty brown, purple, and maroon. Stems are purple. White watery latex. Stem snaps off These actually smell like maple syrup so I’m guessing I found candy caps. Anyone familiar with different color candy caps ? I’m finding other fungi the same exact shape but they’re beige, white, brown, rusty, etc Western New York — long cold winters, HUMID summers — pine, oak, hemlock, maple, beech, ash, spruce, birch — thank you!
  4. Hi there! Found these all near each other in an area of our mixed forest with a ton of downed trees, branches, rotting logs, etc. #1 was by itself, #2 and #3 were on the same log It was raining so I’m unsure if the shiny surface is naturally slick or just wet. Just a few feet away from these was a stump with 3 big rotten, grubby possible reishis — too advanced decay for me to positively identify. But they were deep maroon on top w the typical fan sprouting off a thick stem shelf-shape. Western New York — long cold winters, HUMID summers — pine, oak, hemlock, maple, beech, ash, spruce, birch — thank you!
  5. Hi there! Came across a nice flush of oysters that are intact, fresh growth prob only a few days old (I’ve been keeping my eye on it from afar). I’ve eaten small amounts from this same log earlier this year, it’s oyster and it’s good! Today I went to check out the new growth up close and while they weren’t decaying, there were plenty of bugs and they’re very watery and weak. I wonder if I’m a day or two late. What’s your experience? (Didn’t get a shot of the undersides!)
  6. Thank you Johny, that’s all good info! The tree does still have plenty of nice leaves, it’s a young tree, only about 6inches diameter. I’m gonna make a little tea and see if I’m into it!
  7. So squiggly. Smooth surface, about 8inches across where it all attaches to a dead log. Look like Daedaleopsis confragosa? Is there a common name?
  8. Interesting little guy, only about 1-1.5 inches tall. Sitting by itself on the forest floor. Found another by itself quite a ways away. Very bendy/floppy Nothing turned up on a print No idea what it is since I’m totally unsure what words to use to search for this! Thanks! West NY — mixed forest — very humid summers — long winters.
  9. Just found a 2-pound chunk one week ago and it was all nicely NOT bug eaten but the texture could have been softer. Still working on eating all of it though, trying different cooking methods for tougher parts.
  10. ok right on — only reason I ask is because the research I did said to come prepared with an axe or saw when foraging for chaga. This fell off in my hand. I believe I also read to only take chaga from a living birch, versus a dead birch. This was a living tree, thank goodness! Maybe i’ll try a small tea.
  11. Thank you dave! I did see “r. parvovirescens” listed somewhere but i didn’t know what was the difference ! i actually did go back and grab it to print it. it’s still good, i think i’ll try it. thanks!
  12. Looking up both ostreatus and pulmonarius, this could be either. they are also quite young! in any case they did taste good.
  13. Mixed forest western new york - pine, oak, spruce, hemlock, beech, birch about 3-4 inches across single mushroom, no clusters, growing out of the ground under decent shade edit: russula virescens? anybody eat these? i’m not going to because i’m unable to return to it.
  14. Found this growing out of a kinda young birch tree (I think yellow birch?) Broke off so easily it basically came off in my hand no effort. Regardless, any chaga info is welcome! West New York, mixed forest
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