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  1. Hello! I have not been on this site in quite awhile. But I am currently out of work and enjoying every single minute of it!!! I don't think there has been one day since I have not been in the woods. And what a great time of year! It finally stopped raining here about the time I got layed off. Hope you all have been well and I am glad to see the site doing well also. Here is a mushroom that I have found before in the same place but was unable to get a spore print from. Hopefully I will get one this time. So my guess on it is not positive yet and since I will never be 100% positive on this one it will never be eaten. But I do want opinions. Hopefully when I get a spore print and get it under the microscope I will know more. They were growing in the same area under mixed hardwoods. (not shown) I can not say how they smell. I have not real sense of smell. They just smelled mushroomy to me. Nothing strange. Cap width on one that was fully open was 4". Stalk was about 2-3" Surface was dry. Lots of mycelium at the base. No ring.
  2. Really? I didn't think they did. I wash mine good under running water. But I never noticed that.
  3. Those are pretty ones. You are doing great out there. I may ride out today for a tiny bit and see what the rain brought (or killed)
  4. This is only my second year finding hens, so my timing isn't there yet. I am wondering if that rain will blow them out or start more of them. Here are my pics from yesterday. I put up a couple of bags and I took all my mushrooms in waiting and made kind of a mushroom stew to go over rice.
  5. Since you said you were finding them in Mi Sparky, I went out looking. We found some! Also found milkys and surprising to me, I found some fresh chanterelles. It has been a really good year for mushrooms here.
  6. Mary, thanks! I forgot about that hen. And not more hikes from h@#$! because I am not walking up that hill alone again!!! and don't forget your boots to cross the creek!!! )
  7. I was trying to see when I found my hens last year and I guess I didn't take a picture. Either that or it was lost in the great apple crash. What I can tell you Mary, is that we have had an awesome year for mushrooms here with all the rain we got. Things are in the midst of change now. October is beautiful here with the color of the leaves. I would like to get out and do some major hen hunting this year so if we can figure out the best time you are welcome to come here for a weekend of hen hunting. Last year was the first I found them and I only found two but I didn't go out and really hunt. Meaning I didn't walk the woods like I should of. So if you want to come out and do some major walking, let me know.
  8. Nice Dave! I understand we are still getting good rain at home so hopefully I will get more next weekend. Where are you finding the boletus nobilis? Hemlocks? I have yet to find them. Are they very buggy?
  9. Looking at yours, reminded me of one I saw this weekend and never went back to. Hydnellum peckii maybe or diabolus. Problem is I didn't smell it or pick it. I forget what caught my attention away from it, until now. Thanks for reminding me Brook.
  10. I'm here.......The first one looks like bicolor to me. I wish the picture was a little lighter though. It looks like it may be a little spongy. And you want to read http://www.mushroomexpert.com/boletus_bicolor.html as there is also bicoloroides which at some point I remember a discussion on the edibility of the bicoloroides.
  11. I think any day where you have to hike back to the car to empty your basket and go back for more, is a good day. I tried a different area yesterday and was really just expecting to find some different boletes. On my first hike I found a bunch of milkys that I had to take back to the car and some interesting boletes and a few left over chants here and there. Driving out, I spied a couple of chants off the road. When I got in there I found the tons of them! Had to empty that basket and go back. I was really a few days late for a lot of them but I got quite a few. I decided to walk another trail where I had seen some chants a few weeks ago and never went back. On the way in to that spot I found a couple cinnabar chanterelles. The is a very populated path, so I ran in and picked them quick not wanting anyone to know what I was doing. When I got to my spot I didn't find a thing and decided to go back. Just as I was reaching the car I saw a few more cinnabars, and few more, and few more. I couldn't believe that a path as populated as this would have so many great mushrooms. The more I walked around the more I found. Lots of them not really pickable but I still had to dump my basket and go back for more. Everytime someone would walk by, I just acted like a photographer and took pictures. What a day! I was too tired on the way back to go to my own spot. A couple of weeks ago, I had picked a few from my steep hill (Dave, remember the hill next to the road? Those.) I thought I had gotten all of them. But here was another bunch of them up there and they look really good too. Just to tired to make the climb and slide down. Ended up with over 5 lbs and for me that is really good. You usually have to work for what you find here. Tried to get a good picture of the color difference. I left lots behind. Best season ever. I guess that is what happens when you get tons of rain. Thank god it was not snow, but who knows what will happen in a month from now. Had to edit this. We went for breakfast and a quick trip to the store. I wanted to show Larry where I found the chants. We ended up with 7 lbs more! And a cauliflower, milky's and hedgehogs. I am actually getting tired of cleaning chants. Will be making loaf tomorrow.
  12. Post some more Dave, I love seeing what you are getting there. We have had tons of rain here also and there are tons of boletes. The bugs seem to get to them before I do. I have seen a lot this year that I don't know. A very colorful mix!
  13. One place I check weather history is http://www.wunderground.com/ I actually think Dave may have sent me there at one time. Another great one is www.intellicast.com
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