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  1. Oh cool! Maybe they glow at night then. Thanks Dave!!
  2. Found on an old decomposing limb in Tennessee yesterday. Temps have been in upper 70s. Any thoughts or info are greatly appreciated!
  3. Found in tn. Daily hi has been around 70 and lows around 40 for the last week. Maybe some kind of cup mushroom. Any thoughts or info is greatly appreciated.
  4. That’s a good sign! The hunt is on!
  5. Found growing on decaying tree limbs in Tn. Weather has been in 70s and lows in 40s. Spore print is dark brown, or possibly brown due to auto digestion. Possibly some kind of ink cap, any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  6. Good to know thanks again Dave!!
  7. Well yesterday was a good day for us in Tennessee! Found these near an old homestead site from the 1800s. Good luck to all!
  8. Thanks Evan! Right back at ya bro! I spent hours in an old apple orchard in the hills of Tennessee yesterday trying to spot some morels but no luck yet. Did see a lot of dryad saddle and deer mushrooms but that was about it. Happy foraging and harvesting!!
  9. Not %100 but I’d say elm. They were the size of peas so I didn’t try to take a print. Do those type of oysters grow in 80 degree weather though?
  10. Found growing in Tennessee on old stump. Weather has been around 80 for the hi for the passed week. Any thoughts or info are greatly appreciated!
  11. I’m no pro, but looks to me like mushroom stems after mushrooms have been picked or eaten. Could have been oyster mushrooms. Bet if you check them now they’ll look the same just dried and shriveled up.
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