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  1. Thanks Dave. I finally found a comment on a mushroom forum that said they taste like black pepper & urine! lol I'm going to give them a miss. It's been a great journey finding out more about mushrooms though 😃
  2. Thanks Dave, I've been reading some of your posts and you seem to really know your mushrooms. In North America, are these edible? From my research, they aren't on the inedible/poisonous list. Thinking of cooking a bit to try and wait to see if there are ill effects.
  3. Hi, I've always eaten large brown field mushrooms that grow here wild. But in the last year, I've seen some different mushrooms and wondered if they are edible. I found these ones growing out of bark chip mulch, covered with trees due to the massive amount of native trees we have. The first 3 are probably 10 days old, and in a different location to the lighter ones. They smell fantastic, but I've been looking & researching google until I'm almost blind trying to find out if they are edible or not. Most of what I've read is from the USA. I'm located on NSW South Coast Australia.
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