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  1. Ok thanks. It’s getting too cold now, so I’ll learn spore print so I can take sone this spring
  2. Thank you for the info. I’m just taking pictures and throwing in woods. Taking notes with pictures. I’ll look up how to take a spore print too.
  3. Three days ago it rained and then warmed up to 58-60F. Then I found these mushrooms that look similar to yellowfoot chanterelles- I’ve cooked a lot of them before in restaurants. These were growing near pine and oak trees, but about eight feet away and grew in a straight row almost.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I’m a restaurant chef running kitchens. Relocated to Georgia temporarily from Chicago. Not really looking to find edible mushrooms, but it seems like it’s mushroom season here. They look so fascinating! Here are more I found of the same kind I think?
  5. Hey there, went for a dog walk and found some mushrooms. I’m in Greensboro,GA and there are pine and oak trees around. Can anyone id this? Thanks!
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