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  1. Must have something to do with the maturity maybe! Im tempted to try more but this time maybe as a stir fry with plenty other tasty things! Absolutely.. How hungry can n a person be. However i have heard the mature body of the stinkhorn fungus is inedible but i wonder if it is toxic or just because of its phallic visual and putrid scent...
  2. Hi, very new to the forum and the whole mushroom foraging, but cant help noticing that the mushroom season is starting and im very curious about it! And i was wondering if there was any book you could recomend for someone living in my area or surroundings that could effectively help me identify wild fungi! I live in Center Portugal, in a mediteranean climate with somewhat more than average humidity. Thank you for your time!
  3. Thank you so much, yes indeed ! Much like your gastronomic adventure, i tried to slice them into halfs and ate some, but i could not get over the slimy texture and the inner swamp colored "meat". The taste was alright, raw tasted better because they preserved the somewhat sweet/nutty and dirt scent. The stir fried one smelled almost bread-ish and lost all of its original sweet aroma. Probably the worst mushroom i ate so far but, it was the first wild mushroom i tried so overall interesting experience! Maybe i just dont know how to cook them properly!
  4. Hey, i already posted this topic on another forum page yet i dont know if it was the right one! My question is, is this a purple stinkhorn? And if is, it is edible right? Anyone has any knowledge about this mushroom? Thank you so much for your time!
  5. Hi, new member of the forum and enthusiast forager trying now mushrooms. I found some of this mushroom in my yard, i identified it first as a member of the stinkorn family due to being near a mature one the time and now due to more research i truly believe it to be a Purple Stinkhorn... And im very curious on trying to eat the egg... Can someone verify if im correct or if im wrong? Thank you so much!
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