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  1. Thank you Dave. Based on the white spore print I think i’ll take the leap and fry some up. Therese
  2. Hello! Hoping I can get some help with these pictures. I think I have found enoki mushrooms. I have tried, through many sources, to positively identify them but want to post these pictures in case I have missed something. I’ve read that amateurs (that’s me!) shouldn’t try to eat enokis because of their similarity to deadly galerina. Here are some pictures in situ and profile. Sorry, they’re not the greatest. What is confusing is that the gills are kind of orange (galerina?) ..but the spore prints are white and there does not appear to be any rings (enoki). Also, If it appears
  3. Thank you Dave, you are a fountain of knowledge! I fried up the elm oyster with onion and garlic and enjoyed it very much. True, not as tasty as the ‘real’ oyster, but having eaten many dishes of grey trichs lately I welcomed the new flavour.
  4. Hi! Can anyone help me identify this mushroom? Smells great, mild taste (from a nibble and spit-out test). Couldn’t be an oyster could it??
  5. Thanks for your replies Dave and Jeff!
  6. Hi all, Just found a group of orangy red polyspores on a hardwood log. The tops are more of an orange than they appear in the photo but the undersides are deep red. I’ve read about beefsteaks but haven’t seen one yet so not sure if these are them. They were centrally attached and while there were many, they were not in groups. They averaged about 4” in diameter. Can anyone help.me id them? Thanks
  7. Yup...capers, with garden cherry tomatoes, garlic and onion - all fried up in avocado oil . Fast and yummy. Thanks for narrowing the id down!
  8. Thank you Dave. Some of the caps were darker streaked with black - their texture is velvety. Did the nibble test as you suggested and they were mild tasting so fried some up and made a pasta dish. Ate a little then 12 hours later when I still felt good ate the rest - delicious! Appreciate your help - thank you again Now back out to the woods to see if I can fiend some more edibles!!
  9. Hi all from southern Ontario, Wondering if anyone can help me determine if the mushrooms I’ve found under some scots pine trees are the edible gray triches. The spores are white and the gills are light gray. many thanks!
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