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  1. I'm thinking it's actually closer to agaricus arorae. But regardless, I've tried it and its been a few days and I feel fine. I'm having it in wild mushroom soup right now so hopefully its still fine to eat in larger amounts. It doesn't smell or taste of phenol and the dark spore print and staining have me pretty sure
  2. Just from appearance and the black sludge, it looks like Coprinus Comatus, the Shaggy Ink Cap. If it is, it's edible and good but will soon turn into black sludge.
  3. Found in San Diego california on grass near a Cypress tree, stains blood red, chocolate brown spore print. Free brown gills. It matches on all accounts but just want to be safe. Even though I already ate it because I was sure. I just want peace of mind. Thanks
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