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  1. I really appreciate the input Dave! Yes I realized yesterday that the clusters of smaller fungi in the bottom picture are probably fairy ring. They’re are growing in half rings and rings around multiple evergreen trees. Do Russula and Lactarius grow that way as well? from this point on I’ll be speaking about the larger fungi. I see how you are making that assessment with the larger mushrooms in the top images. You don’t suppose that they are Clitocybe brunneocephala? “Brownit” looks pretty similar to me. I dug up the ground beneath it - nothing to note there. Also, the
  2. New to Denver and to mushrooms as well. A foraging friend would be great. I know it’s been crazy dry but if someone is up to taking a look around with me I’d be happy to meet ya.
  3. Thanks guys! Normal mushroom odor to me. Something like Portobello. It stains red when cut.
  4. Found growing under pine tree in Denver CO. Others in the area that look similar. This was just above the grounds surface. Teeth no gills. Stains reddish-brown when opened.
  5. Found these growing in clusters under a Evergreen tree in Denver CO. Golden brown cap with golden brown gills. When I broke apart the stem it was sort of fiber-like and fell apart in long pieces. White spore print, white flesh
  6. Found this and others growing on a parkway in Denver CO. They were growing near some pine trees.
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