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  1. Ramshead? About 12 inches across - ready to pick?
  2. Growing in grass, about 10 feet from edge of woods (hardwoods - mostly oak). Young specimen, just saw tonight. Can get better pics tomorrow if the lighting in pics is not sufficient.
  3. Did darken somewhat. At first I thought this may be a black staining polypore, but it grew about 2 weeks earlier than other black staining polypores in this area and had a little bit different appearance to me, so wasn't sure. The others are just popping now. The black edges are hard / dry and get some sun. New pics attached.
  4. Help, is this a Berkeley's Polypore? No black staining / bruising. Northeast Pennsylvania Mostly shaded area, at edge of wooded area. Near some live and dead oaks and pine. Also a maple tree nearby. Closest to a dead pine stump that was ground down this summer. Lots of little gnats flying around it.
  5. Just learning...anyone local, let me know. Thanks.
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