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  1. Seems right! The one I pulled off has turned black along the edges and brown on the pores underneath. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I found this mushroom growth in a few places in the woods near my family's cabin and I'm incredibly curious if it's edible. I'm interested in wild mushroom foraging as a hobby and would like to learn more about it. This is my first opportunity to try to identify a mushroom and I could use the help. Here are details: I have found three specimens, all in wooded areas, all growing, as best as I can tell, on rotting wood: 1 - pics with fully circular growth (in shadow and out): growing near a stump, as far as I can tell the base of the colony is an exposed root of that stump. 2 - pics against base of tree (one wide shote, one with hand pulling back to show underside and base, one close up on top): Tree appears healthy, but may have a rotten area at base? 3 - broken off piece (held in my hand and close up shot): Picked separately, on rotting wood. Features - striations of different shades, but not bright colors. Pores on underside, not smooth and no teeth. All of the examples I found online show this type with brighter colors, closer to a wild turkey tail. These are pale but I don't see resemblance to any other type I've found. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. Thank you!
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