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  1. Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to having fun with this. This forum means a lot to me too. I know we aren't alone in this. That's pretty much why I took over when Mary told me she was looking to have someone else take over :-)
  2. Thanks for all of the work you've done over the years, Mary. I'm glad you'll still be around to share your finds and knowledge... and hopefully your photos :-)
  3. Hello Everyone, Most of you don't know me because I have mainly been a lurker, meaning I haven't posted, I just look at all of your posts and enjoy seeing your finds. Early on I used to post. I was actually a member before Mary took over the site and it moved to a new address. Then I one spring when I decided to check things out again, I realized that the site was gone! Fortunately, only the address had changed. At that time, Mary was asking for donations to help keep the site alive. So I offered to volunteer in helping out with the technical side of things (although Mary handled that pretty well). A little background. I live in northern Minnesota and mainly hunt mushrooms to eat. I walk around mushrooms when I see them, I mow around the maitake that grows in my front yard, I like taking close up photos of mushrooms. If I notice an interesting one I've never seen before, I will usually take photos and look into what it is. With that said, I do not claim to be an expert. Many of you in the group are very knowledgeable and far exceed me in your understanding. However, I work as a freelance web developer... since northern Minnesota is a hard market, I also work as an in-house web developer for our local public television station, Lakeland Public Television. So it makes sense with my background and interest in mycology that I take over as administrator of the site. But like I said before, I don't plan on any big changes. Also, I'm only administrator which means I just run the things in the background that you mostly will never notice. I'll try to post a little more from time to time but I'll still be lurking (not in a creepy way) :-)
  4. Okay, a friend of mine just found this in his back yard and texted me the picture. He asked if I've ever seen anything like it and I have to say no. He said on a scale of 1-10, the smell was a 3 (he didn't really say what it smelled like). The first thing that came to my mind was that it could be Inonotus obliquus (Chaga) before it forms since it is on a birch tree. I've seen plenty of Chaga, but it is usually how we typically picture it, a hard black thing. The other thing that came to my mind is that it was sap from the tree being injured by bugs or something... then he told me that there was a target on the tree. So there is a bunch of brass in it. I've never seen a birch tree do this before though. Does anyone know if this could be how Chaga starts?
  5. 1left, thanks for posting those. I live in Minnesota, USA and have always thought that conditions weren't good for oysters to survive into winter. Now I know I should keep an eye out for them in the winter, which means 11 more months of harvesting mushrooms ... as long as the conditions are right like you had.
  6. Bare with me a while longer. There are still some kinks to work out. **** UPDATE **** My apologies to anyone who may have posted photos in the past day or two. I am sorry to say they were lost in the upgrade. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get them back up.
  7. Everything has been upgraded. I will be checking things out tonight but if anyone notices any bugs, please let me know.
  8. Hello All! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the site will be down for a short period of time this evening (4-9) while I update the forum software. Everything should be back online later this evening. Hopefully you can enjoy some mushrooms in the meantime ;-) ************** THE UPGRADE IS COMPLETE! *********
  9. ladyflyfsh, I think you're right. I did some reading and these can grow AROUND stumps! I think I'll do some more research before eating though :-)
  10. Thanks for the input ladyflyfsh. That is first what came to my mind. I thought they grew ON wood... I might have that wrong. But I know there are some shallow tree roots in the area where I found these. I'll check it out.
  11. I picked up the National Audubon Society's field guide thinking I'd be able to identify most of what I come across. Well, here is a pretty plain one that has me stumped. I've looked on line but not sure. As soon as I find one I think it is, there is one description that throws that out the window. Take a look at the photos and let me know what you think. At least I'll have some direction on doing more research... here is some necessary info. STEM: White/cream and is solid. GILLS: Attached (barely?) SPORES: White CAP: Brown center to light brown on edges. SMELL: A good smelling mushroom smell. GROWING on ground in grass in back yard... our yard is engulfed in the woods. (Mainly Ash and Oak trees) They are growning near a large stump of an ash we cut down last year. They are not growing in any particular pattern. Some of them grow in clusters while others are growing all alone. They are all growing in about a 20ft radius. I noticed one had matured and was dropping spores like crazy. It was all smashed but you could tell where it was. It appeared an animal had pulled it up and moved it about a foot away from where it fruited.
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