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  1. Thank you for your help! Too bad they are past prime, but I'll wait until next year!
  2. Spotted this beautiful mushroom on a walk today. Its bright orange color caught my eye through the trees! Is this a chicken of the woods? The underside is white and it was growing on a dead hardwood tree. I only harvested the tender bits, but it had quite a few white worms come out when cleaning. Would it still be good to eat? Thank you for your input!
  3. Just found these on a bike ride at a location where I have harvested oyster mushrooms before, but I wanted to check here first! They have the licorice smell and were found growing in an overlapping pattern on the bark of a dead, fallen tree. They had some beetles and white worms in the gills, but they were able to be cleaned out. None of the mushrooms were bug-eaten. Is it safe to say these are oyster mushrooms? Thank you for your help!
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