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  1. Nice shot. The colors go great together. Always good to find a neat setting like this.
  2. With volunteer work at an avian center, I haven't had time to do much shroomin'. Maybe that's just as well. There are so many in so many varieties I'd gotten baffled anyway. No way to research them all, do spore prints, scour my field guides. I love seeing everything pop though and that's mostly what I've been doing... just looking. I can't assimilate all that's out there. I am a little disappointed in the boletes. Not in the numbers, in the varieties. Seems like they're all bitter. I've chewed just a bit from over a hundred. Only two or three were not bitter. I haven't been able to positively ID any King Boletes. There are sensibilius, bi-colors, Frost's, and many, many others. I'd read a couple years ago that rotting King's smell like over ripe shrimp. That must apply to more varieties than just King's, there are so many rotting boletes where I've been hunting that the whole woods smells like an old shrimp boat. Not seeing parasols this year. Strange.
  3. Morel season here just didn't happen this year. Mushrooms, in general, were VERY scarce. I was wishing things would get better. They did! The rains came, it was hot muggy, humidity really, really high. EVERYTHING popped! I've never seen so many mushrooms of so many varieties in the woods in my life ...... an' I'm OLD! Bad part, they all came at once. With my limited knowledge I was flooded with new stuff. I could not begin to keep up. The weather was so warm and wet and the mushrooms so thick that they started molding right away. Almost everything was soon covered in white mold. It looks a lot like powdery mildew. The woods actually stink from the rotting fungi. The Chanterelles are still pretty good but I've seen hundreds, maybe thousands of boletes just rotting away. Almost all I've been able to get to before they spoiled were bitter. I have found several beautiful Frost's Boletes and one patch of bi-colors that a few were still fresh enough to harvest. Then I got busy for the last couple of weeks doing volunteer work at Three Rivers Avian Center (google it) helping build new quarters for some of the resident raptors. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer season. I'm still looking forward to fall and all that it brings.
  4. Thanks all. There were many Chanterelles in this patch that were 3 to 4 inches across the top. They were very fresh. I caught them at a perfect stage. There were a lot of small ones just coming through the leaves so I'll try to get back there this week while there are a few still good. From the point the photo was taken I could see lots of Chanterelles in every direction for about as far as I could see through the woods. The patch is as good or better than the '13 season. With the rain, there are so many mushroom of so many varieties this year that it's mind boggling. On a birdwalk with a group yesterday I found one of the prettiest Frost's boletes I've ever seen.
  5. Checked one of my favoraite locations. There was well over a bushel. I picked enough for dinner and enough to share with a friend. I saw hundreds of boletes, tasted more than 50 ... all bitter. 029 chant2 - 1000
  6. I have a very inexpensive one that I would hesitate to recommend. It works ok, but I doubt it will last long. It was all that was available locally. I live in a very small town. I like Cedric's setup too. I'll be experimenting with that.
  7. Sounds great. I thought of doing some rice but I got in a hurry
  8. Great bit of foraging. Hope I can find some nice fresh bi-colors like those in your photos.
  9. I took the freshest ones, sliced them, cleaned them a little and fried them up in a mound of onions. When the onions started browning nicely I added a couple links of sausage. Brought that up to heat then let steep a bit. It was a very good dinner.
  10. The rains have set in here and I've never seen such a variety of mushrooms. I don't have time to get out as much as I'd like but want to assure everyone that I'm extremely thankful for all the wonderful treats I've been able to harvest so far. Hope everyone is having a good season.
  11. I like the chicken in stir fry. It's my favorite way of preparing them so far. I cut them in strips like in the 'fries' photo then I put them in the skillet first and really cook them. I like them to almost char along the edges. Then I add my veggies and spices. Frying the chicken really done this way gives it a wonderful flavor. Sort of nutty, very good. I may cube some and roast it.
  12. ... continued And ... a Frost's growing right in amongst 'em!
  13. Went for a walk yesterday. Almost at the end I ran across these! Sadly, the ones in the first pic are too far gone. But all was not lost ...
  14. Great day! After a slow start to the season, the rains came here. There are mushrooms EVERYWHERE!!!
  15. Nice haul. I'm finding loads of Chanterelles, almost all of them the smooth Chanterelles.
  16. Thanks for the ID on the Berkeley's. I thought it was just an old Chicken of the Woods.
  17. Yes, it is the same one. Like last year, so far I've only found one (Frost's). These are a very dark red and a very beautiful mushroom overall. Thanks you Dave. I was pretty sure on this one.
  18. This looks like a Frost's Bolete to me. I only found one, just as last year. They are a beautiful mushroom. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. It was practically dark in the woods. I had difficulty focusing. Shown here beside something oozing milk ..........
  19. The 'chicken' fries are good, one of my favorite ways of eating them. Just couldn't salvage much from these. I'll be looking for fresh ones now.
  20. I thought it was too early for Chicken of the Woods. I found two large clusters yesterday evening both were well past prime. I did cut off a bit of the outer rim of a couple to make some 'chicken fries'.
  21. These were very fresh. Few bugs, and very tender. I need the time to go harvest some more of them.
  22. John those thrown together meals are some of my favorites. Sounds like your mushrooms and rice would have been right down my alley. Thanks for the kind comment on the photos Dave. It was pretty dark in the woods. I know what you mean on the ID. I spent hours in the Roody guide and I also have the Audobon guide. Neither were explicit on this particular specimen. I'm hoping to find more. I hunted a wide area around this one and didn't find any but we've had lots of rain. The next few days should be a good time to spend time in the woods.
  23. I only found one of these. It was fresh enough to be a good example. I did look in my Roody field guide but was unable to make a positive determination. I chewed a tiny bit and it was quite pleasant, not bitter. Spore print looks to be a light olive to me. I had sauteed some Chants in onions. I took three small slices of this bolete and fried them in that skillet .... my gosh it was good. And the Chanterelles. Mostly smooth. I just picked enough for dinner. There were dozens, very small "I'll be back."
  24. I enjoyed the photos and of course the great input from Dave. The Boletus separans is of particular interest. I think there may be some of those here. I'll be researching that strain in hopes of finding some soon.
  25. Glad you made it to the woods Dave. The mountain behind my house in town is very steep, treacherous in fact. I braved it yesterday, Found the oysters, lots of tiny Chanterelles but was disappointed ... no boletes. The timber is oak, black and white mixed. Lots of rain lately. I was hoping to find at least one or two edible boletes.
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