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  1. Small cluster Growing by oak and pine... Each about 4" to 5" diameter Thank you.
  2. I should have left this one on the ground and watch it grow.
  3. Yes predominately pine and some oak in that spot. With my zero experience on edibles, I will pass on trying to prepare to eat. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks everyone. Here is another (hopefully better) picture.
  5. Growing in soil. The one I brought home (last 4 photos) and sliced in half is about 6" long. Trying to learn what is around me that may be edible. Thank you, Mark
  6. pic of slice attached. thoughts? Thank you
  7. This tiny guy was all by himself near grass/woods path. Is it a puffball? Edible/desirable? Thank you. Mark
  8. It says edible but bitter. Sounds lie it is not worth while eating. We (no experience mushrooming) would love to find a species or two that is edible and tasty in our area (East Massachusetts). Thanks for the fast response.
  9. More mushrooms found on our walk. Anyone know what these are? Edible? Thank you, Mark
  10. Found these today near a forest line in Massachusetts. We are debating if they might be chanterelles. They were growing individually near each other I do not think so. Here are some pictures including the area they were picked found. What do you think? Thank you! Mark
  11. I am trying to ID this mushroom found in my backyard yesterday on the lawn (in the grass) near oak trees and near the base of a cut down oak tree. It is about 5" diameter. This morning I found a second mushroom growing. They look like they could be edible but this is all new to me. My friend thinks it is a Senorita or Hen of the Woods. Pictures attached.
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