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  1. Coyotes 1 or 2 are cowards but a pack can be maybe aggressive to people but seldom attack in my experience. I have unarmed chased them but they always outrun me Haha I don't like them near my barn. BTW the red belted Polypore grows on coniferous & deciduous
  2. I remember one time as a kid myself and maybe 10 other kids were tobogganing down a long steep hill at the top of the hill were 3 wolves watching us for over an hour just sitting there not threatening us. One of the boys mother had come over to see how we were and saw the wolves and made us all leave we told her they were no threat but being a mother gave us no choice we had to go home. Never saw them again they were impressive and even after seeing them for a brief moment I could understand some stories my native friends had told me of the majestic wolf.
  3. Hi Dave the Yellow Morel I usually find in deciduous hardwood but the Black Morel in coniferous wooded areas. Percentage wise I generally find more of the Black then Yellow and to me the yellow have a nicer flavour!
  4. Ok I am a little confused here I thought the Reishi was the Ling Chih (Ganoderma Lucidum) if they are one and the same go to your local Chinese market or even restaurant and ask for recipes. I have been looking for this one for many years with zero luck. The one in the picture you took to me looks a little more like the Red Belted Polypore with a sort of white spore print and the Ling Chih has a brown print.
  5. Wow and I thought I was revealing my guarded secret to my new found family ha .... I have in my life only been able to find 1 other person who knew and was as passionate about shrooms as me. Wish I had discovered this site years ago the people here are fantastic and I feel dwarfed with your knowledge but also hope I can contribute....... cheers
  6. Well even though I am an excellent cook especially with wild shrooms the elm oyster was terrible I couldn't spit it out fast enough. Doesn't matter I have a good supply of my dehydrated ones and cooked frozen. Best thing I bought many years ago was a good dehydrator.... cheers
  7. Don't know but you should have the Sweet Tooth down there it's out right to very late fall maybe into early winter don't know how cold it gets in your neck of the woods. If you haven't stumbled across one look it up its taste is comparable to chanterelle.
  8. Hey Dave I have found up here in Ontario about a year or 2 after a forest fire morels grow exceptionally well better if its sandy loam! I tried about 25 years ago before that Swiss company figured out how to commercially grow them to grow them myself, I used some soil from an area that had a fire 2 years previous put spores in and a few came up got excited and then used soil closer to me that was also sandy loam none came up couldn't figure out why tried maybe 10 more times and nothing so I figured it was a fluke. Then the swiss company figured it out and after reading how they did it I slapped my forehead ... it was right in front of me but I kept thinking I screwed up the spores ... same as my lottery tickets haven't nailed that one either lol!
  9. Thanks Dave W if this tree back of my garden is an Elm (I don't know trees) its roughly 40 feet I thinned it out about 5 years ago it was shading too much of the garden.
  10. I was told 20 years ago that I had elm, manitoulin maple and the weed poplar on my property. Mushroom hunting and rock hounding are my excitement.... trees are only good if a shroom grows on it. So GCn15 and JOHNY chances are good that I will be moving to Manitoulin Island .... that makes us almost neighbors ... but I won't know for sure till this spring.
  11. Spore print came out white suggesting Hypsizygus Elm Oyster. I use the Audubon field guide and its picture was close so found pics on the net which confirmed it was. As I said because of me being colour blind/deficient it takes me a little longer sometimes to I'd a shroom but case solved now trying to figure how to turn this "edible" into a "choice" meal ... wish me luck! Always wondered what type of tree this was guess since it's an Elm Oyster it gives high probability of it being an Elm it's at the back of my garden next to my outhouse (no longer in use but kept it for my city friends ha ha)
  12. No way ... hard to say what you have .... try individual pictures next time very close so we can see top side and gill pattern then group pic.
  13. The oysters you found are very common in my area between lake ontario & lake Erie. A fantastic way to cook them almost med heat in a frying pan. Beat a couple eggs (no milk or cream) salt & pepper cut the full stem 1/4" thick pieces however the main flat part of the oyster cut 1 to 2 inches wide up to the stem. Dip the oyster cuts into the egg then roll into "honey brand crumbs" toss into the hot pan, your friends will call you a god.
  14. My problem is I'm 60% colour deficient... so believe I have a late fall oyster just started a spore print. Thing is it doesn't look like any of the pics I've looked at and yes I know many variations. Will try to post my picks ... need help.
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