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  1. Found these in the Tillamook State Forest in the Oregon Coast range today. They look like the Golden Chanterelles I'm used to seeing, but the cap is hollow, like a cone, and the hollow continues down into the stem. They have ridges - not gills, and the stems are white inside. No distinctive smell - maybe slightly sweet smelling.
  2. Bump. Anyone have anything to relate? Have you found Chanterelles in The Tillamook Forest this year?
  3. Spent four hours looking for chanterelles in the Tillamook Forest yesterday (Oregon Coast Range). We searched among second growth fir stands, on north slopes above 1500 feet elevation. We searched well off the trails, checking beneath ferns, under a canopy of Doug Fir. Found one single chanterelle. Very frustrating, since I've read numerous articles about how prolific these are in this exact forest, at this exact time. Either I'm doing something wrong, or this is a terrible season for chanterelles. Naturally, a friend of mine went last week, and filled a grocery bag in an hour. Any suggestions welcome.
  4. Found in the Columbia River Gorge, on Hamilton Mountain, near a decaying stump which I believe was a sequoia. Yes, they smell of lobster/crab. Heavy and firm. Off white, spongy interior structure in the stem. I understand that lobster mushroom is actually a mushroom which has been covered by a parasite fungus. So these might be different specie but covered with the lobster fungus? Are these all the same base specie? Are these edible? I've seen similar looking ones in the grocery store for 35 bucks a pound.
  5. Total beginner — but I do feel pretty confident around a morel. Just wish I could find one that wasn't growing in my neighbor's yard! 😆
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