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  1. I think I have a Russula. Found in mixed woods in Manitoba. I initially thought it might be Russula emetica but the gills are yellowish and closely attached. The stalk is white but has some pink blush discoloration. The cap is a darker red. I'm wondering if this is an old specimen of Russula emetica or something else? I can see radial gill lines on the cap margin. Thanks
  2. I found some mushrooms around a stump in my back yard. They appear similar to Candolleomyces candolleana which were growing close by; but the cap size seemed a bit small, 3 cm, and the gills appeared broader and more distant. Gills look to be attached and have brown color. The spore print was brown color with a hint of purple. The stalk was smooth, hollow, and mostly white with traces of some light tan coloration. The cap was light brown with darker center. This mushroom was picked from a batch where some gills from the more mature specimens looked off white while others were the darker brown color. Unless there is a mix of species, I can't really determine what this mushroom might be. Any ideas? Thank you
  3. Thanks! Keeping up with new names can be a bit of a pain..
  4. Found this mushroom growing in patches around a tree stump in my backyard. Also noticed what appear to be the same type of mushroom growing on the stump. I tried a mushroom app and it suggested a Psathyrella. Looking through my field books, I think it's the Common Psathyrella (Psathyrella candolleana). The gills were close and attached with a brownish purplish aspect. The spore print is also brownish purplish. The stalk was hollow, white, and had a fibrous look to it. I could not really detect any partial veil or evanescent ring as per the field guide. The cap was an off white to light brown with the center having a more of a brown tint. Common Psathyrella??
  5. Thank you. I was having rough time finding it in my field guides.
  6. Hello, I was out in some mixed woods, mainly poplars, in an area about half hour north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I noticed this small mushroom growing among leaf litter. From the pics, the gills are free, and appear whitish with a hint of green. The stock is a off white with slight brownish orange coloring. The cap is a brownish orange color. Any idea what this mushroom is? I could not get a spore print. Thank you
  7. Absolute guess based on field book; but looks like Leccinum. possibly L.insigne or scabrum?
  8. Found this mushroom growing in a small cluster in a grassy area in the Southeast Manitoba with mixed conifer and deciduous trees close by. The pink gills and ghostly ring remnant on the stipe suggest to me it's an Agaricus campestris. Any suggestions? Thank you
  9. Hello, Found this mushroom during a trip in the precambrian shield forest area of Southeast Manitoba in September. Mixed wood with conifers and deciduous trees. Gills are attached and look to be descending the stalk a bit. Cap, stem and gills was an off white to yellowish color. I'm wondering, based on comparison with field book, if it's Leucopaxillus albissimus? Thanks
  10. Hello and thanks for the reply. I think the small brighter yellow ones are the same species. They were close by the the more mature ones; but that's no guarantee. I initially thought they were the yellow fly agaric (Amanita muscaria var. guessowii) because of that yellow color but then had second thoughts when the more mature lost most of the coloring. I did see quite a few of the yellow buttons types throughout my trip. Next time out, I'll take better pics.
  11. Hello, Let me start off by admitting that these are not the best pics and that I am missing informative pics of the gills, stalk etc. I was on a recent canoe trip (early September) in south east Manitoba close to the Ontario border and came a across a variety of mushrooms . I wish I had taken the time to collect better information but this is what I have. The area was in precambrian shield forest with a mix of conifers and deciduous trees. At first I thought it may have been the yellow fly agaric with a muted yellow color; but based on the photos from my field book and what I could find around the net I don't think that's what it is. I'm not sure how common the yellow fly agaric is where I was at. The closest I have been able to find is a gemmed aminita. The younger button has bright yellow with the off-white creamy patches on the cap. The cap looks to be a very light yellow with a bit of darker yellow shading in the center. In one of the photos there appears to be a volva. No good pictures of the stalk but in the background mushrooms in some shots it appears to be a rougher or cottony. Gemmed amita is just a guess; but any suggestions as to a possible ID would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. Thanks for the info! My first ID using the field book. I'm new to this.
  13. Is this the smooth lepiota, (lepiota naucina or leucoagaricus naucinnus)? Found recently on a lawn, Winnipeg Manitoba area. I used the National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms to help me, but it's still a guess. I realize the genus and species names may not be up to date in the book. Cap was about 6.5 cm wide, brownish discoloration on the cap top, stem about 1 cm wide and 5 cm long with a knob on the end. Gills whitish to somewhat pinkish. Gills were close and free, no volva, a ring around the stem, and no veil remnants on the cap. Spore print is white to off-white. Thanks.
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