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  1. Boletes is common in woodlands and meadows of southern Louisiana. It cap is smooth and tan to light brown popping up any time after August. Boletes is identified by absence of gills. Instead it looks spongy and cellular. Some YouTube videos report that if meat turns blue it is not edible. I’ve eaten Boletes of this type found locally, cooked of course, to no ill effect. This one found in a dry ditch in Mandeville along the “rails to trails” St Tammany Trace. It was very fresh and flesh did not turn blue. For this fellow it was 1 hour from trail to omelette.
  2. I found these parasols early Sept in Sunset Park, Mandeville; a local public area that is not a state park. These dessert-plate-sized beauties were in large fairy rings. I researched edibility and seemed good to go. Discarded stems, cut caps into large pieces, mixed liberally with Vidalia onion rings, fresh crushed garlic, tablespoon of fresh ground peppercorns and tablespoon of Mrs Dash. Aroma and taste wonderful. Woke up alive.
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