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  1. Pickinpox

    Time to explore

    Nice Feral Boy..Can't wait for our turn in the PNW... eastern WA.. I went to the table top fire to check it out it is still a little early..Me thinks a couple more weeks and we'll be in full flush. Most of the roads are closed right now I had to walk in a few miles to get skunked..They arent selling commercial picking permits yet as they are changing some of the regulations and awaiting the flushes..April 15 is as early as they expected to be issuing any...
  2. Pickinpox

    Your 2013 "to find" list

    Yeah I'm definitely gonna check that out. I've been working in Enumclaw, so I'm going to go east on 410. I usually go to the Randle, Packwood area...
  3. Pickinpox

    Your 2013 "to find" list

    I must find some prince's and blewitts... Also am getting itchy fingers for some morels, we had some huge fires last year so it should be pretty good. Last year was a flop for me...
  4. Pickinpox

    Matsutake anyone?????

    Keep looking theplanets they'll show themselves soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!! I know where I'm at they love white pine and lodgepole pine.. The biggest flushes I find always seem to be close to the road cuts
  5. Some Pines i found after work yesterday. They are a few weeks earlier than i have seen them in this spot. I love how they just push rocks out of their way. Some were already done for... anyways hope you'll enjoy. Peace
  6. Pickinpox

    Chewed up Russulas

    I have witnessed deer eating king boletes on multiple occasions...I usually wait til they are done before harvesting them, hehe
  7. Pickinpox

    Harvested some Honey's today!

    Honeys always remind me of Shitake's....The look the taste and the texture...anybody else??
  8. Pickinpox

    Introduce Yourselves!!

    Hows it goin everybody? I'm from the WA coast and have been an avid picker for about 15 years...Things are finally shaping up around here we need some rain, never thought I would be saying that here. I've been getting some hedgehogs, chicken of the woods, lobster, chantrelles and some varnish hemlocks... Full buckets
  9. Pickinpox


    Yup Dave is right they are G. tsugae...I have been getting quite a few of these lately...Everything is starting to come alive here on the WA coast Full buckets everybody
  10. Pickinpox

    One more bolete in southern Ontario

    B. Edulus is always white when they first pop...doesn't become yellow til a few days later...In this stage they are truly my favorite...I have been getting some hedgehogs lately and they are my current fav....til the kings start hittin...nice find
  11. Pickinpox

    Ontario Mushrooms and well maybe Quebec too

    Where are you at Miss Sue? I just found my first Lobster flush of the Year.. Its a little later than normal but still nice... Washington coast...
  12. Pickinpox


    Not the best picture its off my phone...Bout the size of a basketball...It was 6-7 pounds and tasty
  13. Pickinpox


    I was working on Monday, I am a Timber Cruiser and came across the nicest specimen of a cauliflower I have ever found..Put some on a pizza for my co-workers (not big mushroom fans)they loved it and I have succeeded in turning a few more people on to shroomin...! Then made an Alfredo sauce last night and used the cauliflower as the pasta.... When I get home I'll put up some pics...The channies are poppin on the WA coast. Just a couple weeks til full flushes... Peace
  14. Pickinpox

    Keen amateur needs ID help - blewits???

    Welcome.... Those look very edible not suggesting you eat them with out proper ID but sometimes you can just tell. Your second set of pics definitely are Blewits nice find.
  15. Pickinpox

    Fall Mushrooms in the Pacific NW

    The chantrelles I'm finding are getting more rare. I am still finding a decent amount of Matsutakes though, they last for a while longer. The hedgehogs are still coming on strong, now is when you find the nice ones {brought some to my Dad's for Thankgiving}. I have seen mice and rat trails that have mushrooms in them, the spores sprout and mycelium grows in their droppings... Deer and elk love the Kings I often find them with a huge chunk bitten out of them.