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  1. hello! new member here, i found this mushroom in the woods yesterday and i was curious if it was a king bolete or not. i am a new mushroom hunter, always fascinated but cautious. i am very familiar with edible plants that is my thing and i am starting to expand my knowledge. so i am excited to start identifying mushrooms. last year i found my first chanterelles! and my heart skips a beat when the oyster mushroom farmers are at the market. on to the shroom! attached are a bunch of pictures, it looks like a bolete to me but i dont understand why the pores are so brown?? it hasn't emitted any blue coloring i found it in a pine / spruce forest in the la sal mountains near moab utah very close to the CO border edit: added another photo of it cut. i'm assuming now it is not a bolete. does that count as blue? to me its very green http://theedibleroad.com/porcini-mushrooms-the-king-bolete/ - these pores look similar to mine. i haven't started reading into how to process them but she cut the pores off of the older ones. maybe mines older?
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