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  1. Hello Jeff, Im in gulfport currently, but grew up in an area just as you described but with bottom lands also. lots and lots of mushrooms around here. Our yard currently gets covered up in rusula, but not the lobsterized ones. i wish. anyway a belated welcome. i just joined.
  2. Welcome Joe, im new here also. I too am hoping to find like minded people in my area to forage with. Good luck and Be blessed.
  3. Hello fellow shroomers.I'll be 50 in November, and I have been foraging since i was a teen. I am wanting to learn more because i only know several species of mushrooms like the back of my hand, such as Lions mane, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, and morels; i know a bolete when i see it. However, there are so many mushroom species growing in the woods here, that i want to learn all i can and have a greater variety i can choose from. I think i know what many of the mushrooms i'm seeing are when i see them based on ID from books, but i'm not confident in eating them (well, i am, but my wife is not.lol)unless someone more knowledgeable has ID'd it too. So i signed up here hoping to learn all i can. So thanks in advance for any help, as i'm sure i will have lots of questions.
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