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  1. Did some researching and I’m fairly certain these are false chanterelles. The gills aren’t forked. Never-mind double checked and they are intact true chanterelles!
  2. Found these in the woods near a lake in boothbay, ME. They were growing in a moss patch. The weather of the past week has been pretty chaotic. On Monday it was 90° then the temp dropped to 80 on Tuesday. Wendy’s was about 70°. Thursday and today (Friday) were rainy and cold. Accidental repost lol
  3. I was recently walking in the woods behind my house when I found these. I live in Downingtown Pennsylvania. The weather has been hot, around eighty or nightly degrees and humid. We’ve had a few heavy rains in the past few days. They were growing on an old stump, presumably oak however it was to old to tell completely. The stems are white with a brown cap and white gills.
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