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  1. That's a good idea I'll do that if they're still there. Yea my phone camera is great with wide shots, but sucks at focusing on close ups. I'm gonna buy a good camera after I get ahold of a good microscope. Pic is a wide shot from same phone.
  2. Thank you Dave, yes that surely was it! Although several guides state it's not supposed to grow anywhere near here, so a very rare find? The pictures are spot on, and there are no lookalikes or relatives.
  3. Found these about 2 yards from a western KY river, growing on very old driftwood and I couldn't identify the type of tree. Cap is convex and orangish pink, Google searching shades of orange show "salamander" to be the closest to it's color. Top of cap is very succulent looking, almost translucent and has maze like wrinkles. Largest cap ~ 1.5cm wide and total height with stem ~1cm. Gills white with a tinge of pink. Gills close but not crowded, adnexed. The stem similar in color to gills but more white, largest stem ~.5cm. Some clusters and some individual, all growing from fuzzy white mold-like streaks along the wood. Honey yellow "sap" ozzing from a couple without disturbance the consistency being between oil and watered down honey. Spore print light yellow brown. Any suggestions help thank you!
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