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  1. I did another spore print. This time I am using natural lighting, and have included the actual cap from which the print was taken in the picture. In the "before" picture you can clearly see the yellow hue my interior lighting created. The print definitely has a slight purple to it. I would be highly interested in finding someone with a microscope - how fancy of a microscope would I need? or will one from a high school chemistry class be sufficient?
  2. Thanks Dave, So the print came from one of the smaller caps in the second picture on the original post. The print was done on a glass desktop. Since I have yellow lighting in the room which made the picture almost impossible to see, I used a bright white flashlight to get the photo to turn out. The texture underneath is just the texture of the glass. The picture does it the best "justice" possible in terms of translating the actual color seen into a photograph with the limitations of my "equipment". I'd be happy to go collect another sample and do another print on paper. The tree is in my back yard.
  3. Thanks for your input. Here is the spore print.
  4. Found growing in decaying weeds and wood chips in Southern California. convex cap brown/gold (wavy when mature), adnate gills grey/tan (dark brown when dried out/mature), 3-4mm white stem (hollow)
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