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  1. Habitat: San Diego- Found Growing in wood chips Gills: The gills are a cream to white color Stem: The largest stem is approx. 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. The stem is white with a cream color at the base Cap: The cap is 1.5 cm wide with conical top. Color is dark brown with a black ring around the bottom of a few of the mushrooms Spore print color: Unable to collect a spore print so far. looking at the base of the gills, the spores MAY be black but that only speculation. Bruising: No discern-able bruising Other information:
  2. Thanks again! I'm glad I got some photos. You are correct, I was referring to the shiny caps.
  3. Thanks Dave! Is the "lacquer" finish on the caps of a couple of these indicative of a particular species or is this more a result of conditions?
  4. Found these interesting mushrooms while doing yard work. Maybe the ID will jump out at someone. I'm new to the forum. Thanks for looking: Habitat: San Diego, South facing under my bbq grill, found growing on a strip of wood. There has been a considerable amount of rain in San Diego the last couple of weeks. Gills: The gills are a brownish orange (Rust like color). The gills are not tightly compact. Stem: The stems are approx. 4 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. Has a cream color with orangeish brown (rust) tint. Cap: The cap is 5 cm wide with conical top. Color is rusty wish a sheen that appears to be blueish. Spore print color: Unable to collect a spore print so far. Will update if I have any luck. Bruising: No discern-able bruising, Other information: The mushrooms are dry to the touch and sturdy. The stem is solid and sturdy.
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