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  1. A started morel dog will simply go into the forest and point morels. A finished one is proficient in drying, preserving, and cooking mushrooms, as well as trolling decent folk on the internet. Hope you have a great new year sir!
  2. Yeah man. That what folks'll pay for something like that. We're talking a fully finished dog though. Also, I'm open to teaching these dogs to hunt birds as well.
  3. There are oils that are inexpensive and easy to aquire that I will be using to train them. These will also be used in training for the off season. I plan on using a gap and an English Pointer this summer. Such dogs could easily become a dual purpose dog. I know a good she'd dog will sell for 6 grand easily. I'm just trying to gauge what I ought to ask for .
  4. Hi guys. I'm a dog trainer, and this summer I'm going to train a couple of pointers to find morels. I'm fixing to keep one and sell one. Was wondering what price most of you all would be willing to pay for a dog that could consistently find morels?
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