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  1. Sure was! I. Didn’t end up eating these. The perfect rounded edges frightened me a bit.
  2. Hey there, found this guy on the side of the road while riding my bike. Smells like a bolete edulus, the cap is WAY smaller than the stem, never seen a stem this size! One other odd characteristic, the stem felt pretty soft and when cutting into it, the stem almost shredded, like string cheese............ edible?
  3. Hi there! Are these oysters? The ones I typically find have a rippled edge, these are more saucer like. Thanks so much!
  4. Thank you! I rarely find large and bug free ones too. These were beauties. Been back to that spot multiple times this week and no new guys. Hoping this next spell of rain will get them excited again.
  5. Super! It was a newer territory but I have sworn to see them there before. Not a single bug in sight on either. Yummy!!!! Thanks for your help! Thank you! The little I do know, screaming edulis. Appreciate your help.
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