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  1. Moryma22

    Identification help!

    Those seem like good starting points, I'll look into them more, thanks!
  2. Moryma22

    Identification help!

    Hm I don't think that's it. That species seems to have more pronounced scales on the cap. This one has a smoother texture, but I know that can be hard to tell from a picture. Thanks though!
  3. Moryma22

    Identification help!

    Found these fruiting in soil in north/central Florida. I thought they were very pretty but couldn't identify them. Thought they might be an Inocybe species but I'm not too sure. The gills appear to be adnexed. Any information is appreciated!
  4. Moryma22

    Identification help!

    Found this cool one fruiting in the soil in north/central Florida. It bruises very easily and turns a brownish color. It reminds me of a bolete, not too sure of the exact genera or species so any information is appreciated!
  5. Moryma22

    Help identifying please!

    That's very helpful thank you! Also a good tip, I will take that into account when photographing specimens.
  6. I found this mushroom in north central Florida growing in the soil. The cap is fleshy and the gills appear to be adnexed. I've looked through multiple books but I'm still not too sure what this specimen is. Any help in determining the family or genus or even where to begin looking is appreciated!
  7. Moryma22

    A young lepiota?

    Ah ok I considered it being a C. molybdites but wasn't sure because the molybdites I have has less spotting on the cap than this one, but I see that trait can vary within the species. Thanks for the help!
  8. Moryma22

    A young lepiota?

    I found this guy in the grass near a pond in central Florida. Are there mushrooms with this cap shape or is this maybe a lepiota that hasn't opened up yet? Any clues as to what this is would be helpful!
  9. Moryma22

    Identification help - an Auricularia?

    Ah ok that's good to know. The specimens are dried now and these were the only pictures I took, perhaps I will go collect more and look for some fresher samples. Thank you!
  10. I found these fungi in a forest in central/north Florida. There were two different species growing on the branch. I thought the darker one might be an Auricularia, and I'm not too sure what the lighter ones might be. Any help is appreciated!