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  1. I have been seeing these mushroom for a few months,late Sept to mid Dec. Growing in area of a lot of oaks,on ground not on the tree. It was hard to find a mature one,seem the squirrels really like them. Gilled and attached, no ring,no hair on top of cap, white spore print,slippery top of cap when wet. Light brown or tan center of cap.They do not die off when frozen.Stem tough fiber,cap white,no staining. Growing in cluster on no more then maybe 8 or so, some all by them self.Most intact one I found under leaf litter. Forgot to add,no odor,mild taste
  2. Thanks MushroomDan. Was the first one that I found that looked like it grew unside down. The stem side looks like the cap side on others near it,and the soft side was the top. I did find normal birch bolete near it Top side
  3. Western New York Sept 1 2018. I found this where I have found bolete that are the normal soft side down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks Dave,I was confused until I took a good look at the gills,worried it may have been the sweater or other bad boy
  5. Found in my lane and also under hedge row,true gills,white spore print after 2 days,no staining after 2 day,clean smell,mild taste,decurrent gills,not a fast grower,stem very tough
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