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  1. Thanks for that Dave. It seems to match pretty closely except that the aroma was definitely not "foul", which seems to be a key characteristic of Robusta. I would describe these as having a sharp but not unpleasant aroma.
  2. Hi everyone. Total novice mushroom forager here, but bought an upstate NY property last year and had an incredible assortment of mushrooms growing on it the last few months. Anyway I found a bunch of these ones yesterday. This one is 7 inches across, the others in the group are about 6 inches across, and other groups are mostly 5-6 inches in size. I've got maybe 30 of these scattered around so curious what they are. The mushrooms in each group are fairly spread out, although a couple are growing close to each other. They're growing from leaf-covered soil near sugar maple trees, and they seem to all be near some dead wood (probably maples as well). They have an interesting aroma which I can't quite characterize, but it's fairly aromatic. The spore print is a pale, creamy yellow. The feel of the cap is dry and like a chamois cloth. They're reasonable dense although don't take much to break. They lie low to the ground and the stems are broad, some are even bulbous, and in this specimen the stem is hollow. Any pointers to what they are?
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