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  1. newbie here - wondering what I've come across in the attached images. Took photos of surrounding area also.
  2. Thank you for your reply - to be sure this does come from an experienced mushroom picker. Still digging for more if it's there.
  3. Hi all, I ran across this message below about mushroom picking, but I believe it may have alternate meaning, or is this only referring to mushrooms? I am not a mushroom expert or even novice, so I'm here to check. Please enjoy the read, and reply if you can pick up what it's true reference might be if there is an alternate motive in the message. *******************************start text******************************************************************** Friends! I am a mushroom picker with experience in 37 years. I have collected mushrooms wherever he met them. In the taiga, on the Kola Peninsula, in all forests of Europe and Eastern Europe ... I will not call myself a mycologist, but over the years I have studied a lot of literature and all sorts of live information about mushrooms, including funny fables from “experienced” mushroom pickers, long before the appearance of “clever men” from youtube, and the Internet itself. And I think this gives me the right to say a few words. In recent years, I have increasingly heard about the poisoning of a wide variety of mushrooms, and this year several cases reached my closest environment, and, worst of all, one was fatal. It even made me delve into the study of this problem. Now is the peak of the mushroom season, you are probably going to the forest, and I want to share some conclusions. If you are not a mushroom picker, your business - you can not read, but they say that once and forks shoot, do not be lazy. Suddenly thank you say? Why are cases of poisoning? Or were they always, but they were simply not so often told about them in the mass media? My opinion - the cases still increased. This is largely due to environmental degradation, forest pollution, complex precipitation, and as a result, the ability of mushrooms to accumulate in themselves and concentrate heavy metals and other rubbish. As well as mutations of some species and an increase in the population of inedible fruiting bodies. It is known that extremely rare species in our country began to expand their territory and appear already everywhere. Recently, in the forest, I stumbled upon a clearing with an incredible amount of pale death. I have never seen her in such quantities. Considering that this mushroom is phenomenally poisonous, and even its spores are poisonous, good mushrooms within a radius of 50 meters from this glade can be (and even surely) infected with them. Therefore, I did not collect anything there and went to more favorable places. Still, the main factor is inattention and risk from mushroom pickers. If you have read this far, then you need to finish reading to the end. So to the point. I propose 10 (conditionally) BASIC rules, the violation of which can put a big end to your existence. RULE 1: NEVER, under any circumstances, do not eat even small pieces of mushrooms that you do not know of which you are not sure of which you doubt. Only 30 grams of pale toadstool (this is a third of a cap or a piece of leg) is a uniquely lethal dose of an adult. A whole mushroom will almost certainly kill 3-4 stalwart men. There is no antidote. The treatment is insanely expensive, though short. Because rarely effective. And certainly leaves the survivor disabled for the rest of his life. Symptoms of poisoning appear only after 24 to 48 hours, when already the treatment is most likely useless and the liver and kidneys are permanently modified. RULE 2: each (!!!!) mushroom brought from the forest, you must inspect PERSONALLY (if you understand) or under the supervision of an experienced mushroom picker. Fragments, legs incomprehensible fragments of fruit bodies - no doubt immediately in the trash. IMMEDIATELY! With no doubt!!! RULE 3: no way to detect or eliminate poison from mushrooms - DOES NOT EXIST. No digestion for several hours, soaking, boiling with silver or onions, blueing or reddening, alcohol in any doses - all this is grandmother's fairy tales and the right way for your relatives in the funeral services. Your life function on these experiments is over. There is only the knowledge of the fungus and the place of its collection. RULE 4: never pick up mushrooms with hands. Especially - if it is not the obvious "noble" white, Polish or maslata. It should be remembered that among the tubular mushrooms poisonous very little in our region (for example, satanic). And the lamellae are poisonous through one, and so much so that, it seems, they are competing in their desire to destroy you. At the same time, extremely mushroom-like umbrellas are a delicacy. Therefore - only knowledge. NOTE: NEVER BUY DRIED MUSHROOMS. What grandmother has dried on, and what piece of a poisonous mushroom by chance or specifically turned out to be on a purchased bundle - no one will tell you. Yes, it will be no longer interesting to you. By the way - pale grebe, for example, is equally poisonous in absolutely any form in any quantity. RULE 5 (FOR EVERYONE): Do not eat conditionally edible mushrooms. For example, such as PIGS. I passed this way, but I revised my attitude towards them. It is known that they are edible and previously even harvested by state offices. But more recently, it has been recognized as poisonous throughout the world. And indeed it is. Their poison is a time bomb, it changes the structure of the blood. Their chip accumulate lectin in the body, transplanting compounds from the erythrocyte to the erythrocyte, and NEVER remove them from the body. The accumulated dose once “shoots” with a banal allergy, to which you do not pay attention, and behind it - with acute renal failure, which the pathologist will indicate to you in the post-mortem diagnosis. And everyone will think that you have died of liver and / or kidney disease, although you will already know for sure that the swine killed you. However, you will tell your relatives about it later, in the order of their appearance in you ... on the other side of this world. RULE 6: Do not listen to anyone (!!!) Nobody at all. Casual acquaintances, passers-by mushroom pickers in the forest, claiming that “yes, you can eat this mushroom!” Are your guides to the afterlife. If you have found a mushroom, but are not sure of it, it is best to leave it where you found it. But if you are inquisitive, like, for example, I, take the mushroom with you, putting it in a separate package, inaccessible to anyone except you. Take the mushroom to the city, where you can learn about it using clues on the Internet or specialists you trust. Rubber gloves are best until fully identified. But eat it only if several sources confirm to you its suitability and if its external signs exactly coincide with the classification. And better to throw it away from sin. NOTE: there are fungi (such as white or stinky toadstools) that have contact poison. He is able to poison the mushrooms to which he touched. Therefore, if such a mushroom is in your basket, throw away all the mushrooms that may have come into contact with it. DO NOT touch unfamiliar or obviously poisonous mushrooms with your hands and do not cut them off with a knife, which you cut edible !!! Do not lick your fingers or dine with unwashed hands in the woods. RULE 7: Do not trust the cleaning and processing of the mushrooms you brought to anyone. I already spoke about it. In the basket can be anything, and God knows where and how to get there. When processing and cooking mushrooms, exercise control several times - during sorting, washing, cleaning, before, and even after cooking. When pickling - thoroughly clean from any external contamination, pieces of earth, pine needles, grass. Avoid problems with exploding banks and botulism. RULE 8: process the mushrooms immediately! Here we come home - and immediately sort, clean, wash and cook. You can fry and salt the next day. Like pickling. And you can freeze cooked. But you have to boil them without fail in the first hours after collection. Mushrooms start to deteriorate very quickly, and you can get food poisoning from even the most simple and noble species, as well as mold. Different types of mushrooms need different types of processing and this issue should be examined before starting. Fortunately, the information is now more than accessible - how long and what to soak in, how much to cook, how to salt ... The main thing is one thing: no mushrooms (well, except for shop mushrooms) should NOT be eaten RAW. Even if they are suddenly called "Russula". This, by the way, is a rule out of competition. RULE 9: mushrooms can be called differently. In different regions, so often happens. Therefore, if ours, the Ukrainian subdue is quite an edible mushroom that looks like Polish, then in some places in Russia the pigs that I wrote above are called as underbush. The same applies to the countless number of names of all the same type of mushrooms. And if someone answers you on the phone that “you can eat the underbane”, first decide WHAT YOU have in your basket. RULE 10: If you are not a mushroom picker, it is better not to pick mushrooms. AT ALL. NIKA-KIE and NIKOG-YES. Mushroomers are not born, you can become them at any age, but for this to happen, you should be an experienced specialist for a long time, with great experience and impeccable reputation, until you learn to understand mushrooms yourself. Buy mushrooms only in stores and only trusted manufacturers. FRIENDS! This set of rules implies a number of recommendations, and I could paint them, and I am even ready to do this if you are interested. But, I beg you, - obey at least THESE rules and you will surely be all right! But! Finally, one recommendation! If you are going to collect mushrooms at any level - from amateur beginner to a professional mycologist - do not be too lazy to learn the mushrooms growing in your area. At least google it, look at the pictures, photos, vidosiki on YouTube. All that helps you not to put a ticket in the cart in another world. Know your enemies and friends by sight! And be healthy! *******************************end message******************************************************************** Please reply if the above is normal, or suspect it might be talking about something else as a secondary meaning. - Curious Dave
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