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  1. Saw several of these near Alma (NB) on walking trail. Is it a type of Amanita?
  2. Hi, I enjoy macro photography and the ID of mushrooms is a new interest. I trust that although I reside in the UK there will be considerable overlap in the types of fungi found here with those of North America. I need a lot of help as a beginner! Look forward to being part of your community. Warmest good wishes, Hugh (Huma)
  3. Visited Fundy National Park in September and took a load of photos of Fungi, which I have since not been able to identify. This is a new hobby for me and I now recognise that I need to provide more info in order to assist ID. I have looked through Roger Phillips book on "Mushrooms" without success. I would value any suggestions about this specimen. Plenty of others in the pipeline which I am also confused about! Thank you.
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