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  1. I was NOT looking for the poisonous one or the hallucinogenic...I stumbled across a big patch of these on my hike for other medicine....non mushroom. I read that it was Amanita muscaria guessowii that was eastern. A yellow-orange cap with rub off wart/spots is apparently edible from what Ive read. I have a large patch so Iam anxious to get the correct info. Here in the west we are supposed to have a edible kind. Im sooo confused. How the heck does one actually come home with shrooms safe to eat?? Lol (wink) Many thanks to you both for the answers....I do NOT believe this is the bright red poisonous one...doesnt match any of the characteristics mentioned in write ups. It was growing under pines which the edible one does. Obviously not worth all the time and effort to ident. It sure does smell good tho (wink) Thanks again
  2. Another group ident it as, Big one is King Bolete and little one possible slippery jack
  3. Hello all. Im known as Grandmother Grizzly, call me GG (wink) Im stretching my wings into mushrooms after reading alot and finding and photgraphing alot. I look forward to being a part of this community....thank you {{BearHUGZ}}
  4. Wondering if Im correct in my ident of Porcini aka King Bolent. The little one cut was nearby. Theres quite a few so I'd like to return if Im correct in my Ident. TYIA ps...Does NOT bruise blue
  5. I think these are: Amanita muscaria var. persicina..? Possibly edible if Im correct (wink) Can anyone confirm..? Im located on Vancouver Island BC :) the 'warts' do in fact rub off easy
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