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  1. This is growing on they cut face of a pine tree stump I just cut down this past spring beautiful neon orange. Chapstick tube is for size comparison. I'm just really curious what this is
  2. #2,4, 5 are about 3 weeks old maybe a little older, but not much. #1 and 3 are the same fungi, just different angle. #5 it is a swimming pool, haha
  3. Last year I harvested some Hen of the Woods from this large oak tree stump in my yard I had someone who was good with mushroom ID and tell me they were good and I cook them then cooked them then pickled them and have been eating them all year this year. Same tree stump now has two large mushrooms growing from it. One looks like another Hen of the Woods still kind of small the other one which is larger and all white I thought might be a chicken of the woods but I do not have any experience with IDing this type of mushroom. And the person who helped me last year is not around any help anyone could be I would appreciate it.
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